Our partner school’s graduate programs are career-focused programs. You will be equipped with the skills, opportunities and support that will ensure you excel well into the future. Your knowledge, skills and experience combine to demonstrate why a company should hire. With professional development woven into your studies, you will be inspired by influential people and build networks with future employers.

Personalized career mentoring that offers connections, support and insights. And also you are introduced to exciting companies at industry networking events. Our universities are one of the friendliest institutions with flexible schedules and payment plans. Our concentration is on the career and skills development of the students to fits in the ever-changing world market.

How To Choose The Right Course

How do you choose the right postgraduate course? Many are similar so, if you are unsure, here are some ideas on how to choose the right one for you. First, decide on:

- Subject Matter
- Course Duration
- If it’s taught or research-based
- If it’s full-time or part-time
- Online, Campus, or blended learning
Which Course Is Most Helpful To Your Career Aspirations

What are the employment levels of previous postgraduates and what types of jobs are they doing?

- Which course has the strongest connections to employers?
- What is the reputation of the course among employers?

Recruiters are often not willing to comment, but you can get some idea of how they rate particular courses from their willingness to take on work experience students or hire from it. The biographies and trainee profiles on company websites are a good source of information here. Also, you might want to search for ‘name of employer postgraduate’ to see which courses an employer sponsors.

The following requirements apply to applications for most programs offered at our partner schools:

Applicants must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree with grade point average from (GPA) of 2.0 (on a 4.00 scale) to be considered for admission.

Required documents

  • 1. Bachelor Certificate
  • 2. Bachelor Transcript
  • 3. Passport
  • 4. Recommendation Letter
  • 5. English Proficiency Letter
  • 6. Statement of Purpose
  • 7. CV
  • 8. Wassce /A level Cert

The following requirements apply to applications for doctorate admiss

Required documents

  1. 1. Bachelor Certificate
  2. 2. Bachelor Transcript
  3. 3. Masters Certificate
  4. 4. Masters Transcript
  5. 5. PhD Proposal
  6. 6. Passport
  7. 7. Recommendation Letter
  8. 8. English Proficiency Letter
  9. 9. Statement of Purpose
  10. 10. CV
  11. 11. Wassce /A level Cert
After submitting your online application, students must submit all required documents to

Demand for international admission is on high and most of our partner schools close application earlier than usual, we entreat all student to apply early.

We do round year recruitment, we are ready to support our students to receive quick offers to start their visa process