Welcome to the Bachelor of Landscape Architecture

Landscape architects design the spaces that define a community. By planning parks, campuses, trails, and plazas as well as residential and commercial developments, landscape architects meet the needs and goals of a community while promoting sustainability, resiliency, and artistry.

Landscape architecture involves the design, planning, and management of land - the cross section of art and science.  If tackling problems like these intrigues you, perhaps seeking a degree in landscape architecture is the path for you.


Design (art, fundamental design skills), Creativity (innovation, thinking outside the box, problem solving), Site design (from small backyards to expansive urban projects), Historic preservation, Planning, Water resources, grading, and drainage, Horticulture (plants!), Ecology and sustainability, Studies in the humanities (psychology, sociology, anthropology)

Graduates may also find employment with groups such as conservation agencies and land development organisations: Environmental consultant, Field and trial officer, Heritage adviser, Horticulture consultant, Interior and spatial designer, Landscape designer, Nature conservation officer, Planning and development surveyor


English Language Requirement

Near East University will accept, for the purposes of meeting the English proficiency requirement, English taken in 12 year education or English is designated as the primary and official language, and the principle language of instruction.

If you do not meet the English language requirements yet, you can achieve the level you need by successfully completing a pre-sessional English programme with the university or submit  

  • English language proficiency at a minimum of IELTS band 6.5 (or equivalent) or PTE Score or Duolingo English Test score before you start your course.

Admission Requirements

We’ve simplified the admission process to help you get started quickly and easily. You can find all requirements for admission to Near East University below

1. WASSCE/A level Certficate (General Science, Technical and Related)

2. School Transcript

3. Passport

4. Recommendation Letter