Boarding School Abroad

Consider sending your child to a boarding school overseas

Is your child looking to study abroad? If so, consider sending him to a private boarding school overseas.

International boarding schools have many things in common, but they differ significantly—each has its own specific character, community, and culture. Among them are schools that prefer the traditional teaching model or, on the contrary, are more progressive. Some are religious-affiliated, while others have an arts or sports focus. Make sure you contact schools directly to learn exactly what they offer.

• High level of education: boarding schools provide very high-quality education. They offer a wide range of programs and courses at junior and high school level. Schools normally follow the country’s core curriculum, but often go beyond it.

• Advanced programs: some boarding schools offer special programs for high-performing students. For example, these could be dedicated programs for gifted learners. Sometimes schools offer other options to enrich learning, both in the classroom and outside, such as individualized curricula, independent programs, and mentoring.

• International programs: Many boarding schools offer international programs, such as the International Baccalaureate (IB). IB is a rigorous international curriculum. Some schools also offer Advanced Placement courses, which are internationally recognized university-level courses.

• Learning Language: an international boarding school is a great option for students to learn or improve a foreign language.

• World-class reputation: Many boarding schools, for example in the UK, Canada, Europe and the US, have an international reputation. Worldwide, they’re recognized as providing a high level of education. Graduating from such a school increases your child’s chances of getting into a top rate university in Canada, the US, or Western Europe.

These schools very often have a long tradition, whose graduates throughout their lives feel proud, and keep in touch with each other and their alma mater. Sometimes they make generous donations to the school later in life.

• Support systems: boarding schools support students in a variety of ways, e.g., through personal counseling, individualized learning, mentoring, peer tutoring, and other programs. This is especially important for students from other countries, such as Poland. Thanks to this strong support, students can excel academically, improve their social skills, as well as take full advantage of living and learning in another country.

• Broadening horizons: one of the main motives for educating a child abroad is the desire to broaden their horizons. Your child will study with peers from around the world. They’ll also live in another country, learn new customs, learn about other languages ​​and cultures, and have the opportunity to travel.

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