We acknowledge the critical importance of the internship as the culminating fieldwork experience of school trainees.  This internship provides a unique opportunity for students to demonstrate field-based competence in the learning goals of their respective training programs.  As such, it is important that internship placements provide experiences that allow candidates to engage in a variety of activities utilizing the skills and knowledge they have developed in their training programs.


  1. Prepare students for corporate and community leadership
  2. Fostering an explicit understanding of the relevance, applicability, and adaptability of the liberal arts education to the demands of the professional world
  3. Providing an arena for self-reflection, career enhancing, self-confidence, and clarifying career goals



  1. Deepening academic skills through industrial application;
  2. provide interns with quality professional and career development;
  3. Encourage creativity, innovation and project development
  4. To provide  educational mentor-ship, coaching  and advice