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Choosing the right path. An international perspective, Our global students

Baba Alhassan, Middlesex University

I chose to pursue my master’s degree for masters degree. The opportunity to take classes from several academic disciplines before selecting a major or concentration also attracted me. I began exploring universities with the help of MAI EDUCATION CONSULT that offered the best opportunities for me as I reached the end of my undergraduate degree. There were so many options available, and the grad school application process was highly challenging. I learned about MAI EDUCATION CONSULT online and I approached them. They offered a wonderful service

Emmanuel Korsah, Westcliff University

I was introduced by a friend to Mai Education Consult, with their advice I apply to study Doctor of Business Administration course with Westcliff University. They supported me very well in all the process till I reach campus. Thank you so Much. As I am writing this, I can still relate to the “pounding inside” that I felt when I decided to come to America. I can also feel the exhaustion of traveling from city to city to prepare the paper works, the excitement of receiving my visa and offer, and the sentiment when I saw the tearful face of my mother at the airport security

Ernest Essuman, University of Pecs

I never thought I will ever travel abroad to study my masters. With the help of Mai Education Consult, am now studying MSc. Business Development at University of Pecs, Hungary. I highly recommend them to all. Thank you for the selfless service. My journey here University of pecs has not always been the easiest, but I don’t think I would have liked to attend anywhere else. The University I consider my second home and has given me much more than a college education.

Peace Elorm, Bangor University

I did an online search and I found them. They are very professional and lovely. The support they gave me was amazing. Am a now a graduate of Bangor University located at Wales and am currently working in London. It feels like two years went by so fast, but I am grateful to be part of a supportive community which has made it easy for me to be optimistic about my future. I believe I came to the university for a reason. I matter, you matter, so does our purpose. It is important that we understand our purpose so we can impact lives.

Vincent Amo, Kyrenia University

It was a dream to further my studies abroad in a prestigious university to study Marine engineering. With the help of Mai Education Consult team it become a reality. I met them in one of their education seminar and decided to enroll with one their university. I’m very impressed with their services, their reliability, professional, patient was just awesome. They have helped me with every aspect of my application processing. The university has great marine faculty and vessels for sea trials and practical training. The university has word class stimulation labs. Am very gratful for this opportunity

Lawyer Nadia Nana Ama, Rayat Bahra University

I found out about Mai Education Consult on Facebook, their services was amazing and everything they said was on point. I just love what they do, I recommend them to all individuals who need their services. I went to the university to study a one year master of law after unsuccessful attempt to pass the professional legal exam in Ghana. it was fun and great experience on campus and the reception was good. After graduating , I came to Ghana to write the professional legal exam and I passed. Am now a qualified lawyer in Ghana. Thank you