Masters course is a postgraduate program, mostly ran for a year for full-time students but some cases, such as part-time, it last for two years or more depending on how the program is fixed. There are also Masters programs that run for two years, which means it also comes with an internship or work placement.

The internship is a program ran for graduates or students who work in order to gain experience in their chosen career fields and are mostly referred to as interns as a part of the course. During the internship period, an international student can work full time with good payment or can work unpaid main aim is to gain experience.

This internship program aims at directing one to the right path when searching for works to do. Most companies now have an internship program and assign with assignment and task that make them more capable of handling their duties like the employees. As much as is beneficial to the interns is also beneficial to the employees because it cuts their costs on wages.

Why should you choose Masters program with work placement?

1. It prepares the individual for his/her next or genuine job. More is expected from the master’s student after studies but sometimes finding the right job can be hard due to the years of experience; the expectation from such graduate is high. But for these interns, it becomes easier because they can use their internship experience.

2. The intern is most likely to be retained by the company they had their programs with because they trained that intern and they know their capability. On the other hand, the intern finds the work easier because of the level of their acquaintance with the job and people in such line of work. So these interns have the higher advantage of getting jobs more than the other graduates who finish without any work experience.

3. Accumulations of such experience make one’s resume more appealing to the other companies they put out their resumes to. So instead of finishing with zero to one-year working experience, they offer more firsthand experience to the job.

4. These programs give room for the necessary development of skills for one’s area of expertise.

5. In every career, good networking helps keep the job and the internship program will expose the student to network with experts within their field.

6. It is also beneficial to the interns in career decision-making through the exposure gotten during their internship program.

UK Masters Degree with work placement or Internship for the student helps the international student to gain valuable work experience and earn money too. The student has to look for one directly by contacting companies with a similar or same line of the field of studies.

These internships really help International students a lot because instead of just graduating students with the best grades, they also graduate students with real-life work experience. And they will have no reason to go for the entire graduate trainee program offered to new intakes on the job.

Uk University 2 years Masters program with Work Placement

Two-year Master’s in Business & Management (Applied)

  1. MBA Master of Business Administration (Applied)
  2. MA Human Resource Management (Applied)
  3. MSc International Management (Applied)

Two-year Master’s in Computing with Advanced Practice

  1. MA Computer Animation and Visual Effects with Advanced Practice
  2. MA Games Development with Advanced Practice
  3. MA Concept Art for Games and Animation with Advanced Practice
  4. MSc Computer Security and Networks with Advanced Practice
  5. MSc Computing with Advanced Practice
  6. MSc IT Project Management with Advanced Practic

Two-year Master’s in Design

  1. MA Future Design with Advanced Practice
  2. MA Digital Arts and Design with Advanced Practice

Two-year Master’s in Engineering with Advanced Practice

  1. MSc Civil and Structural Engineering with Advanced Practice
  2. MSc Electrical Power and Energy Systems with Advanced Practice
  3. MSc Food Processing Engineering with Advanced Practice
  4. MSc Instrumentation and Control Engineering with Advanced Practice
  5. MSc Mechanical Engineering with Advanced Practice
  6. MSc Oil and Gas Management with Advanced Practice
  7. MSc Petroleum Engineering with Advanced Practice
  8. MSc Project Management with Advanced Practice

Two-year Master’s in Media & Communications with Advanced Practice

  1. Digital Media Communications with Advanced Practice, MA
  2. Multimedia Journalism with Advanced Practice, MA
  3. Multimedia Public Relations with Advanced Practice, MA

Two-year Master’s in Science with Advanced Practice

  1. MSc Crime Intelligence and Data Analytics with Advanced Practice
  2. MSc Energy and Environmental Management with Advanced Practice
  3. MSc Forensic Science with Advanced Practice




Requirement for Masters

  1. Undergraduate Certificate
  2. Transcript
  3. Passport Copy
  4. Statement for Purpose
  5. CV
  6. Note mark in English language must not be more than C6


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