Future Students – Online Studies

Types of Online Courses 

Immerse yourself in real-world learning. Gain the skills to excel in the world of business. To study online, students must understand various options available and what will best suite their busy schedules

Online (Self Space) Course

Instruction is entirely online through learning management system ). Courses and learning are self space and do not have scheduled dates, meeting times, or assigned classrooms.  The location will be listed as ONLINE when registering for the course(s). 

Blended / Hybrid Learning Courses

Instruction is a combination of in-person and online. All in-person instruction occurs during the scheduled days and times listed for the course. Students will meet in-person less than 50% of the time of a regularly scheduled on-campus course, and typically not on a weekly basis.  Scheduled days and times and assigned classrooms will be listed when registering for the course(s). 

Online Live Learning Course

All instruction is delivered online via videoconferencing software or other university-approved platforms. Instruction will be synchronous (live at a scheduled time). Students will participate in class sessions at assigned times just as in an on-campus course. The location will be listed as REMOTE when registering for the course(s).