Enroll your child into top ranked boarding schools. Our Boarding school are the one you can trust for better Academic preparation. Gain access to the world’s top universities with a reputable high school qualification from one of our international boarding schools. We offer the Ontario Diploma, High School Diploma, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma and British A-Level programs because of their robust academic curricula, range of subject options and quality preparation for pursuing further studies at university.

Personalized university advising is built into every program at our boarding schools to prepare students for success in the next big step in their lives. One-to-one meetings with a designated university adviser, application workshops, test preparation and interview coaching are part of what we offer graduates apart when applying to university.

Families can apply for the below level for their ward

1. Grade 3 – 9 (Lower and upper school)

2. Grade 10-12 (High School/Ontario Diploma)

3. British A-Level

4. IB School

5. Foundation Year


Email: admission@maieducation.com

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